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Polo Kimya is your premier destination for top-grade cleaning solutions tailored to your specifications and needs. Specializing in both powder and liquid cleaning products, we offer a comprehensive range of cleaning products. As a leading producer and private-label manufacturer of home and industrial cleaning products, Polo Kimya serves clients across Eastern Europe and worldwide with distinction. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond product formulation; we prioritize both shelf presentation and content effectiveness to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. In addition to our core cleaning products, we also offer a selection of industrial insecticides, including drain openers, bathroom descaler cleaners, gel drain openers, and descaling agents, ensuring a hygienic and pest-free environment in both residential and industrial settings. Our extensive product range covers various categories: • Laundry Care Products • Dishwashing Products • General Cleaning Products • Liquid Hand Soap Products • Hair Care Products. We understand the importance of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re seeking household essentials or industrial-grade solutions, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Contact Polo Kimya today to explore our comprehensive product range and discover how we can meet your cleaning needs effectively and efficiently. Let us be your trusted partner in cleanliness and hygiene.


Fuda, Among Polo chemistry brands, the primary Polo chemistry brand offers the widest range of household cleaning products, meeting all your needs in laundry hygiene, home hygiene, hard surface cleaners, and personal care.

Emool is Polo’s brand that primarily offers high-end and quality products used for producing items tailored to special needs.

Loxmax is a Polo chemistry brand with a wide range of products for industrial and household use, featuring powerful formulas.

Soapolo is Polo’s flagship brand, specializing in personal care, cosmetics, and health, and offering high-end products.


Polo Kimya: Profitable and Sustainable Dealership Opportunities
At Polo Kimya, we are a leading force in the detergent and cleaning products industry, making a difference with our innovative solutions. The quality of our products and our commitment to customer satisfaction drive us forward every day. However, our greatest strength lies in the support and contributions of our extensive dealership network.
At Polo Kimya, we see our distributors not just as companies that sell our products, but as valued members of our family. Our dealership structure, based on principles of sustainability and profitability, is built on mutual growth and development. The success of our dealers is our success.
Why Become a Polo Kimya Dealer?
1. *High-Quality Products:* Polo Kimya’s high-quality detergents and cleaning products ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our wide range of products caters to various needs.

2. *Training and Support:* We provide continuous training and support to our dealers on the correct use of our products and sales techniques. We are with you on the path to success.

3. *Marketing and Promotion:* We implement effective marketing strategies to reach wider audiences with our brand and products. We provide the necessary support for our dealers to establish a strong presence in their local markets.

4. *Sustainable Business Model:* Our environmentally friendly production processes and sustainability principles ensure you invest in the future. We work together for a greener world.
Becoming Part of the Polo Kimya Family
When you join the Polo Kimya family, you become part of a strong and supportive community, not just a business partnership. We build our relationship with our dealers on mutual trust and respect. We provide all the resources needed for each distributor to excel in their business.
Would you like to take a step into a profitable and sustainable business model by becoming a part of the Polo Kimya family?
Contact us to learn more about our application process and take advantage of our dealership opportunities.
Let’s grow together, let’s succeed together!
Look to the future with confidence with Polo Kimya.


Elevate your brand with our premium private label cleaning products! We specialize in creating high-quality hard surface cleaners and drain solutions tailored to your unique specifications. Our expert formulation and manufacturing processes ensure that your products stand out in the market, providing exceptional cleaning performance that your customers can trust. Partner with us to develop eco-friendly, effective, and reliable cleaning solutions under your own brand. With our company, you get more than just products—you get a trusted partner committed to your success. Let’s work together to make your brand shine!

Please contact our experienced expert sales team to create your own brand.


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